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3 Tips for Businesses with Online Stores

Online storefronts have had to carry the weight of many businesses ever since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown. Stores without an online component have generally struggled, while those that have taken advantage of diverse payment options have often flourished. Financial experts agree that customers have now permanently placed a greater emphasis on online security and eCommerce payment options when choosing which stores they use.

This is why an internet merchant account provider can help a small business create or manage an online store. Use these 3 tips to make an online store component more successful and profitable for the business that runs it.

1.    Diversify payment options

Modern online shoppers want options to pay for goods and services with the eCommerce method that they prefer—not the method the store prefers. If a customer wants to pay you, then for goodness sake let them! Businesses with online stores can stay (or become) competitive by providing diverse payment methods.

The most important payment methods include major credit cards, but eChecks are also an important eCommerce option for customers to be able to use. eCheck services are vital for customers who don’t have a credit card or who have reached their limit, as well as customers who simply prefer to pay by check.

2.    Comply with PCI Requirements

PCI (Payment Card Industry) guidelines exist to protect customers from online stores with inadequate security measures. In cases of credit card fraud or stolen identity, a business can be liable for damages if they don’t follow the PCI guidelines.

These requirements include basic firewall protection and encrypting transactions. Services that automatically update and protect customers are highly valued in today’s internet marketplace.

3.    Build a high-quality site

A great website can do wonders for a business’s profitability. Including the credit card logos doesn’t just inform customers about what payment types are available in the store; it also gives customers the impression of legitimacy. Additionally, the right shopping cart can add value to a store’s interface and convince people to shop more often. Make sure your internet merchant account provider can offer these services.

The Takeaway

From eCheck services to PCI compliance, an internet merchant account provider offers services that can increase a business’s profitability.

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