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3 Things Every Online Store Should Have

Online stores are the way of the future, according to financial experts, and this trend has only been accelerated by the coronavirus lockdowns. Customers will continue to expect options to buy their products and services online. This means that a great online store could make or break a business.

To make an online store as successful as possible and provide everything from credit card payment processing to eCheck services at the store, setting it up and opening the shop is only half the battle: certain services and features are integral to any store’s profitability.

1.    An internet merchant account

The first thing any business needs to do before opening an online store is to find an internet merchant account provider. These companies offer the infrastructure required for businesses to accept credit and debit cards. Some even enable businesses to accept eChecks from their customers.

They do this by selling software and hardware optimized for online purchases, as well as some designed for mobile use. They offer everything from credit card swipe machines to echeck services to ensure that businesses have what they need to process their customers’ payments. These accounts are the number one thing any business website requires in order to function online.

2.    Security features

Business websites need security features such as encrypted transactions. Internet merchant account providers can offer these features, as well as provide other profitable changes for a business website, no matter how large or small their customer base.

These features factor into payment card industry (PCI) guidelines. In general, this guidelines for merchants to follow are designed in order to provide customers with protection from businesses whose websites do not offer minimum accepted safety features. This includes their firewalls, their transaction procedures, and the security of the servers where the cardholders’ financial information is stored and processed.

Businesses must offer customers safe credit card transactions and eCheck services to stay afloat.

3.    Card logos

Card logos, something else that an online merchant accounts provider can provide, are a simple way to signal to customers that a business is legitimate and professional. This is because customers are accustomed to seeing these symbols displayed only at legitimate businesses, and they know that fly-by-night companies generally cannot accept credit cards. Of course, the logos also show customers what payment methods are available, letting them know they can use their preferred credit card.

Along with a shopping cart customizable to a business’s needs, card logos give customers the ability to patronize a business without worrying.

The Takeaway

These 3 elements can make a significant impact on a business’s online presence by allowing them to accept payments and doing so credibly and securely.

Visit or call (888) 924-2743 to find online merchant account services, including credit card payment software, security features, and echeck services, that match your business’s needs.

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