3 Things Every Business Website Needs

Internet merchant accounts are a necessity in 2020 so that businesses can process their customers’ debit and credit cards. However, merchant account providers are useful for helping with other aspects of eCommerce that some businesses may not think of. Their many features can benefit a business’s profit margins in the pandemic by giving customers secure options to pay for goods and services in an online market.

By offering eCheck services, secure payments, and intuitive design, internet merchant accounts can stand out from the competition and grow quickly.

1.    eCheck services

Most business owners know that internet merchant accounts allow them to process debit and credit cards, but a few merchant account providers offer other payment methods are available as well. These are advantageous in that they offer alternate ways to pay for consumers who may not have a credit card, may be over their monthly limit, or who just prefer to pay using another method.

eCheck services can be processed more securely than paper checks, and, more importantly, can be processed remotely. accepting eChecks is a secure payment option that business websites can offer their customers. This is a particularly attractive option for businesses that do not qualify for a credit card merchant account for any reason, since it is much easier to obtain an eCheck account.

2.    Security

Security is a major requirement for any business website. Customers have a lot of choices in a modern eCommerce marketplace and will prioritize secure transactions when choosing which businesses and payment services to use.

For internet merchant accounts, security is a must. Without security, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to identity theft scandals and credit card fraud. Echeck services offer additional security over paper checks because they can’t be sent incomplete. However, website-specific security is important as well, which is where PCI law comes in.

PCI or payment card industry requirements exist to protect customers from negligent businesses whose websites are not secure. Websites should make sure to use firewall protection and other security features to protect both customers and themselves from the consequences of being noncompliant with PCI requirements.

3.    Credit card logos

Card logos on a business’s website don’t just let customers know that they can use their preferred form of payment. Displaying these logos also improves the business’s credibility. Consumers know that those logos mean that the business has been vetted and approved by a payment processor, which means that the business will not just “disappear in the night” with the customer’s money–even if the customer uses a different form of payment.

The Takeaway

eCheck services, security features, and displaying credit card logos are important to the success of any business. Visit Charge.com or call (888) 924-2743 to shop for internet merchant accounts, as well as eCheck services and secure transactions.

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