Credit Card Processing for New San Diego Businesses

Studies show that more than 57% of customers across America don’t carry cash. There’s also robust evidence to show that customers are more likely to make impulse purchases when they have access to credit lines. Businesses that don’t accept card payments – there are around 15 million of them – are missing the opportunity to leverage huge sums of money simply because they are cash-only enterprises.

These are facts that can impact your San Diego business, whatever the nature and extent of the goods, products or services you sell. Today, customers expect flexibility, convenience and safety when it comes to payment methods. Small and new business owners have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a credit card processing company to partner them. But not all of them are the right ones for your particular business. It’s important to choose the card processor that best fits your needs, preferences and budgetary factors. You need to look for the lowest rates and processing fees, reliable customer support and the company that offers monthly contracts rather than longer term agreements.

There are several different ways for small businesses to accept payment via credit cards. As a new business owner, you can choose the one that matches your particular circumstances.

POS: If you are a retail company and have high sales volumes, the point of sale system is your best bet. It is multi-functional, can track inventory and generate/access sales reports besides accepting card payments. You can have a traditional POS system and/or a mobile one, and you need to invest in training for your employees.

Terminals: These are perfect for businesses that don’t have more than 10-15 transactions in a day. You only need to invest in at device that can read cards, choose a card processing company and a merchant bank to partner you and you’re good to go. This is a simple and cost-effective solution if you’re functioning from a fixed location.

Mobile Processors: consist of a smartphone or tablet based app and a dongle. They allow you to accept card payments wherever you’re located. This system is perfect if you’re a seller on the move, like food vendors, or you have different events and exhibitions where your goods and services are sold at various times. You need to select the app that best matches your requirements. Some of them can also generate reports and integrate with your main accounting systems.

Online processing: If your business model is focused on online sales, an online processor is the right choice. Be wary of higher fees and the risks of disputed charges. You can look for a model that offers ease of use for customers and better integration into your website. You’ll also probably want to upgrade to more sophisticated features as they become available, to stay competitive and relevant.

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