Certified Payment Processing

Merchants Nationwide Get Speedier Results with Charge.com

Timing is everything – a truth pertaining to both comedy and business. In comedy, a comedian gifted with a sense of successful timing is able to say/do something funny at just the right moment to generate the best response from the audience. In business, companies succeed based on their ability to time the delivery of…

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Charge.com Reviews are in, and They’re Great

  Charge.com has been on the web since 1995 and is one of the oldest credit card processing companies.  But what do independent reviews say about Charge.com?  They say great things.  Charge.com has been rated the #1 merchant account provider 6 years in a row.  And tech titans Apple Computer and AOL have published Charge.com…

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Important Jargon in certified payment processing

With any new technology there are many things about its operation that are also new.  Accepting payment through internet credit card processing isn’t anything complex. You have to get a merchant card processor and set up your equipment to get started. Accepting credit cards is beneficial even for very small businesses and it is nothing complicated; however,…

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