Hypercom Credit Card Terminals

Hypercom Credit Card Terminals

Charge.com offers a wide selection of Hypercom credit card terminals including the most popular Hypercom products, the T7 Plus and T4100.

Hypercom Terminals

The Hypercom T7 Plus credit card terminal has a compact design which takes up very hypercom-t7-smalllittle space on the counter due to its small footprint. Featuring the new SureLoad printer, it prints receipts very quickly, yet operates quietly and efficiently.

The compact design of the Hypercom T7 Plus does not compromise features or aesthetics, and it is an economical credit card processing terminal and a popular choice among merchants in numerous industries.

Hypercom T7 Plus Benefits

  • Offers trouble-free operation with virtually no paper jams
  • Faster printing
  • Accepts larger rolls of paper
  • Quiet operation
  • External PIN pad attachment option

Hypercom T4100 Terminal

The Hypercom T4100 has been called “…a better, more powerful hypercom-t4100-smalldevice than any other card payment terminal in its class.”  This credit card processing terminal features an easy setup process, and offers speed and security in a compact 9 inch x6 inch package.

Hypercom T4100 credit card readers offer super-fast transaction handling while operating securely to ensure uncompromised processing payments.

Hypercom T4100 Benefits

  • This Hypercom credit card machine offers trouble-free operation with virtually no paper jams
  • Supports Fast Payment Service (FPS) for restaurants
  • Fast operation (prints 18 lines per second)


You can see all of the terminals offered by Charge so you can find exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.