Take the Show on the Road with Mobile Payment Processing

If you sell your products or services on the road, you know all too well that a majority of the public does not carry cash anymore, and sending them to the closest ATM can be cumbersome. Unfortunately, this can be a major roadblock to the success of your business; unless of course you find a solution that benefits your business as well as your customers.  

Whether you’re a trade show exhibitor, an electrician, or a massage therapist, you want to provide your customers with an easy, secure way to pay for your products and services while on the go — and we don’t mean those heavy credit card machines of the past. We mean mobile credit card processing.

Charge.com is proud to offer a revolutionary mobile credit card processing solution that allows merchants to process credit cards using their cell phones or smartphones, including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android. In fact, nearly every type of cell phone is compatible with our software.

Merchants who accept credit cards via their cell phones are providing their customers with a faster, less burdensome payment solution compared to the preceding machines that were bulky and came with slips of paper.

Our mobile credit card processing solution is also convenient for the business owner. Light, convenient, and portable, mobile credit card processing is ideal for all types of mobile merchants. It’s also easy to use and merchants receive credit card approvals in seconds.

When taking your business on the road, don’t forget to travel light. Visit www.charge.com to learn more about our state-of-the-art mobile credit card online processing solution.