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iStock_000036548062_Small-squareEvery small business that aims to make it big in its league needs take every step with extreme caution in order to ensure optimal efficiency across the board and complete customer satisfaction. When it comes to small business credit card processing, the decision makers can never be too careful. In addition to ensuring that the solution you select is capable to execute card transactions in a seamless manner, equal consideration needs to be given to the security of your customers’ information. promises the best of both the worlds.

The fear of 'new' technology

There is a tendency to fear while introducing new things to your business, especially among small business owners. We know that very well from personal experience as well. There is so much new technology out there, and one thing that is popular today may be obsolete tomorrow. Likewise, many new technologies enter the business world and then get replaced. To small business owners this may mean that new technology is something not worth spending money on. And while that is understandable, there are consistent technological additions you can make in your business to earn more, and no businesses should refrain from those. One example is card processing. People use credit cards, debit cards and different merchant accounts to buy and sell online. That is not all; debit & credit cards are used to buy from real physical stores as well. All that is needed is a POS device and help of a credit card processor for small businesses. Accepting credit card payments can be highly beneficial to small businesses. If you have a business, then make sure to integrate a reliable payment gateway to allow you to accept credit card payments.

Why is accepting credit card payment good for small business?

  • Exposure to a bigger market: Without opening different branches or marketing massively your business can gain exposure to a larger crowd. People don’t like carrying cash around; it is not as safe anymore. So, your business will attract people who only use debit & credit cards for payments. It is high time you integrate certified payment processing in your business.
  • Customers shop more: When you can physically touch and count your money, you are more aware about spending less. With a credit card however the impulse to buy increases. Once you integrate credit card processing in your business you will see quite a big rise in sales.

Why Choose

A registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, is one of the most revered names in the realm of small business card processing. Leveraging extensive experience in the domain, we have developed an all-in-one solution for small businesses to accept card payments and manage transactions. Our payment processing solution gives you a unified view of all transactions, ensure complete transparency, and equip you with an array of tools for efficient transaction management.

Since inception, has equipped a large number of small businesses with robust payment processing capability, helping them to thrive in today’s highly competitive global markets.

It's time to start thriving in your market

What Sets Us Apart?

Continual increase in the popularity of the web has made a large number of businesses to take the virtual road, which has resulted in the emergence of numerous payment processing service providers. It has, therefore, become a challenge to choose a contender when it comes to small business credit card processing.

Putting all apprehensions to rest, we give you all the reasons to make up your mind and choose us as your payment processing solution provider. Here is a list a few of the salient ones:

  • Zero Setup Fee
  • Round the Clock Support
  • Free Software, Free Terminal
  • Free Web Shopping Cart
  • Low Processing Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
  • SSL Secured Transactions
  • FDIC Insured Funds

In short, if you need a reliable, secure and cost-effective small business credit card processing solution, you don’t need to look any further. Choose and you will not find yourself looking for another provider, ever again.