When your business relies on accepting credit card payments from customers, all of your equipment must work consistently to minimize downtime and ensure a fluid experience for your customers!  That's why we took time to rate each credit card machine in the industry and narrow down the list of  what we thought we're the most reliable machines on the market and select the best possible solution for Merchants!  For this category, instead of listing a single credit card processing machine, we picked a manufacturer who consistently creates the best product on the market.  Without further ado, here is your winner!



Equinox Payments, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona is the second-largest provider of payment terminals and related technologies in the United States. Equinox is increasingly positioned as a thoughtful and trusted resource that assists payment sector participants keep pace with the rapid changes the industry is facing. Beyond hardware, Equinox is now enabling the cloud-based convergence between retailers, payment processors, smart data, and payment credentialing systems all within highly secure solutions. Equinox is driving technical innovation across the payment landscape through its market leading retail and payment processing clientele.