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Credit Card Merchant Account

The future of every retail business is decided by a number of factors, such as the value promised by its products, its technological affluence, and most of all, the capability to deliver a gratifying experience to shoppers. In the era of cut throat competition and new business sprouting at every nook & corner and over the internet as well, how you separate yourself from the competition and the crowd will determine success or failure. Hence it is important that you go the extra yard, do the 'extra' something that will provide an edge to your business and help your business have a better recall value for your brand of products and or services. This is the reason it is extremely important for retailers to procure the services of a competent payment processing services provider, such as

Who We Are

A registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, equips retail businesses with secure and reliable merchant account credit card processing capability to help them ensure a gratifying experience for their customers. We have been in the business for 20 long years and have a long history of fantastic service to our customers at cheap and affordable rates. We have been adjudged the best & the #1 Merchant Account Provider Six Years in a Row, which speaks volumes about our services and the trust our clients repose in us. Credit card merchant services play a critical role in defining the future of any retail business, as most people these days prefer to pay using plastic money over cash.

What We Do’s credit card merchant services are a comprehensive solution to help you process payments in both virtual and physical settings. Whether you need online merchant credit card services or need a physical setup, their unified credit card merchant account solution promises the simplest way to fulfill the need, with the minimum possible investment of time. With over 2 decades of experience in servicing all kinds of businesses big and small, you can trust us with your needs and requirements. Some of the big names in the industry will vouch for us. Few of them being AOL, Yahoo, Apple, NBCi. Rest assured we will do a good job as you are in good hands.

The Edge

Robust Security understands the criticality of ensuring the security of your customer information. In accordance with this understanding, they provide a secure gateway to accept all major credit cards. The last thing as a businessman you need is the additional headache of an insecure system. Over the years we have beefed up our security multiple times and today we have one of the most robust security around.

Comprehensive Support

If you ever need technical support for anything, a team of highly skilled support professionals is always there to help you. They provide comprehensive support for all types of issues related to payment processing. Another thing we are proud of over the last 20 years! Creating one of the best and comprehensive support system for our esteemed clients.

Exceptional Value believes that procuring a world-class credit card merchant account doesn’t have to cost a lot. Our secure payment processing solution is easily affordable, even for businesses without a lot of money to spend.

Have a Question

We understand that choosing a merchant account credit card processing provider is a critical decision for your business, and you may have your share of apprehensions. In case you have any question, simply fill out their contact us form and they will get back to you within one business day or less.