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Checkman Software

We proudly offer CheckMANTM Software. Programs similar to CheckMANTM are currently being sold everyday for $300-$500! CheckMANTM's main purpose is to allow you to accept customer payments by check. You simply collect your customers checking account information through an online form, or by phone or fax. You then enter it into your CheckMANTM program. Next you can print out a Demand Draft on secure check paper and deposit it in your bank, just like your customer mailed you the check. It's that simple! No more "The check's in the mail stories!"

The registration fee for this program has been waived for Charge.Com customers. You will need to register your copy of CheckMANTM within 15 days of your installation. You will have full use of the program up until this point. After 15 days, you will be required to register to continue using the program. Once again, the registration fee has been waived, and your program will reflect that. You will only need to place an initial check order when submitting your registration.

To download CheckMANTM, click here.