Your Website Plus Equals a Boost in Sales

Boost your sales at your brick and mortar store with a website and our merchant service payment gateway. You can sell your product around the clock. The best part of shopping online is selection. Your customer could wander the mall from end to end, waste all morning shopping, and never find a baby blue V neck sweater in size Small. A red one or a blue one in Medium might be found but not a Small.  Your brick and mortar store carries the sweater but you are out of stock right now waiting on a shipment from your warehouse. Your customer would rather go to your website during lunch break, search for the sweater and pop it into their shopping cart. They will fill in the card and shipping information, hit the buy button and done. Done unless there is a sale banner. In that case a few more items might go into the shopping cart.

Websites for brick and mortar retailers with merchant account payment gateways never sleep. Your customers can shop anytime of the day or night even while your brick and mortar is closed. Technology has made it possible to shop late at night, on the train, at the office and while watching little league games. Your customers know your products and they know you have what they want. They don’t have to go to your store to buy it. If Mrs. Jones has been wearing the same walking shoe in the same size for ten years she doesn’t want to go searching through the store. She wants to go to your website, find her account and orders and click on buy it again. Brick and mortar stores are for when you don’t know what you want.

At we can set -up your merchant account on your website to accept all credit and debit cards, gift cards and even electronic check. One of our team members will work with you to understand and operate the system. However, the process is easy to master. While you are sleeping, our payment gateway will process the card for authenticity with the credit card company or bank it is drawn on. If approved, the customer’s credit card company or bank will deposit the funds into your merchant account at We deposit that money to your business bank account. When you wake up next morning, check your emails to see how much money you made overnight. Fill and ship the orders speedily and your customers will be happy.

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