Your Shoe Repair Shop can Accept Credit Cards

Your customers paid for their expensive leather shoes and boots with a credit card. Why not extend the same convenience when they bring them to your shoe repair shop to extend the life of their footwear? It’s a courtesy they expect from all businesses today, and the practice can increase your profits. There isn’t a Cobbler on every main street these days, because the demand decreased when the market became flooded with cheap throw-away shoes and high priced athletic wear. But those in the know understand the importance of a shoe repair shop in their life. It’s worth a lot to your customers that their favorite soft comfortable shoes can be restored with new insoles and durable leather soles. Add a good cleaning and buff, and old comfortable shoes are practically as good as new.  The cost is well worth it, but since people don’t carry cash they can’t always take advantage of your services unless you accept credit card payments.

Why Not Increase Your Profits?

Your small shoe repair shop likely offers many other products and services in addition to shoe repair. When a customer brings a pair of shoes in for repair they may also notice all the laces, polishes, cleats, and other products you may stock. Chances are good that when they pay for their shoe repair with a credit card they’ll include an impulse buy from off your shelf. Some shoe repair shops repair shoes, boots, leather luggage, and purses for resale as used. Your customers will be thrilled to score a pair of good quality shoes that look like new at used-shoe prices. When you accept credit cards, they’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity. They will look more closely at your other services like replacing zippers in leather coats and boots or reattaching the leather tag with the Coach serial number inside your purse.

Accept Credit Cards and Watch Your Profits Grow.

Processing credit card payments is not rocket science. A well-established merchant service can have you up and running in a few days. It’s a good idea to choose the merchant service that does not charge you to apply for their service, make you sign a long-term contract, or penalize you for cancelling your service. All you need is a small point of sale card reader for your countertop (for no extra charge, of course). Look for the most reputable merchant service with the lowest transaction fees and highest security rating. Accepting credit cards as payment is much better than accepting checks alone because it takes a week or more for checks to clear your account–if they clear at all. With credit card payments you know instantly if payment is good and the money is generally in your account in three days or less. No more bad checks, better cash flow, and increased profits: what’s to think about?

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