Worried about Accepting Credit Card Payments? Use Charge.com!

Have you been taken in by rumors that accepting credit card payments is not worthwhile because merchant account service provider fees are too high, or that you will have to implement costly equipment or software to your business? Did they also tell you that application processes are long and tedious and that small businesses can’t afford the time and costs?

If that is what you’ve been told, whoever told you those untruths never heard of Charge.com! No matter what type of business you run, Charge.com will let you safely accept credit card payments while offering you of the best merchant account service rates in the industry. The fees to implement a card payment system that suits your business will be a small price to pay in comparison with the boost to sales that you will see. By far the majority of consumers want to pay for purchases by card, and you are definitely losing sales by not offering customers the payment options they want.

No costly implementation of software or equipment

Charge.com offers a credit card payment solution for every type of business and will provide you with the necessary equipment or software to suit your needs free of charge. “So what is the catch?” you ask – there is no catch! There’s no minimum contract term commitment, no setup fee, and no cancellation fee.  And you can apply online or via phone, and, in most cases, merchants can get same-day approval.

If you offer products and services online, internet card processing software can be installed to accept online payments and you will have two options – either visitors can be routed directly to Charge.com’s checkout page or customers can stay on your site by using Charge.com’s API for “behind the scenes” integrated with your checkout process. Online payments run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year; you need not be present to manage the process. In addition you will also be provided with a virtual terminal that will allow you to accept card payments for face-to-face, email and telephone orders. All transactions processed are live, and you will know immediately if the payment has been accepted or declined.

Merchants accepting face-to-face card payments can be provided with an electronic keypad terminal to swipe card payments that are processed in real time, immediately approving or declining the transaction.

Mobile merchants conducting business on the road or from different venues will be enabled to accept credit card payments online via their mobile phone or tablet through software, apps or card readers that will be provided and installed, allowing credit card payments to be processed on the spot in real time, immediately approving or declining the transaction.

Increase your sales and simplify payments

With all the myths busted, your next step is to contact Charge.com so that you can accept credit card payments as soon as possible. They operate a 24/7/365 live, toll-free phone support line to assist you and come with over 20 years industry experience, and they have been ranked the number one merchant account provider for six years in a row. Sign up at www.charge.com now or call 1-888-924-2743 or your business could be left behind.



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