Wisconsin Merchants Make More Cheddar with Charge.com

When most Americans think of Wisconsin, they think of cheese. While the state does provide many other regions with products made from milk, America’s Dairyland is more than just one big pasture. Each year, thousands and thousands of visitors pour into Wisconsin to marvel at its many wonders. The state is home to not one, but two museums dedicated to the brilliant architect, Frank Lloyd Wright – the House on the Rock and Taliesin. There are numerous other museums in Wisconsin, as well. The Milwaukee Public Museum is famous for its international exhibits, and the Harley Davidson Museum has many admirers, as well. The National Railroad Museum is also in Wisconsin, and tourists bubble over at the beauty of the historic Pabst Mansion. Kids have a lot of here, too. There are a number of theme parks, including the Kalahari Resort, Noah’s Ark Water Park, Mount Olympus, and the fantastical Wizard Quest. Folks seeking fun away from the cities will find plenty to enjoy in Wisconsin’s natural wonders such as Amnicon Falls State Park, Lake Michigan, the Apostle Islands, and the Cave of the Mounds.

With all of these great attractions, it is no wonder that people flock to the Badger State year after year. Wisconsin’s merchants are always happy to see visitors, and – of course – accept credit card payments from them. One thing that does not make the merchants happy, however, is bad credit card processing because this winds up costing them a lot of money in the long run. In order to accept credit cards, businesses have to partner with a payment processor and open a merchant account. Not all processors are honest about their practices, though. Some promise their customers that they have low rates and fees when – in actuality – their costs are quite high, and they frequently levy hidden charges. Others swear that they give clients private accounts, but really bundle all of them onto a single account instead. This allows the payment processing companies to enact lengthy financial holds on the funds in the account, and the businesses using it have to wait weeks and weeks before their money is disbursed. Even worse, the bundling of clients puts everyone on the merchant account at risk because if one company has its payment information hacked, then all the others could suffer the same.

Luckily, Charge.com is one payment processor that believes honesty is the best policy. Their rates and fees really are the lowest in the industry. Customers pay nothing to apply, and have rates as low as 0.25% for credit card processing with transaction fees that cost as little as $0.15. There are never any hidden fees, either. All charges are determined at the time merchant card services are established. Clients also never have to worry about being shoved onto an account with several others. Each company receives its own private merchant account, and – best of all – Charge.com uses military-grade encryption security to protect everyone. Better prices, better processing, and better protection for Wisconsin’s hard-working business owners – all courtesy of Charge.com.

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