Will Charge.com Serve My Small Niche Business?

Your niche business may be small but your products are selling and you show a profit. Yours is a viable business. Charge.com is always interested in supporting profitable businesses.

Small Niche Businesses Follow the Same Path to Success with Charge.com

The best part of a niche business is the way it meets a consumer need. Niche business owners bring excitement because they have chosen to fill one tiny gap in the marketplace that the competition has overlooked. We can find them all over America but there was a time when niche businesses were the business community.  Every town had a hardware store, grocery, gas station, bakery department store. Everybody stuck to their speciality. The hardware store did not sell gas filters, the gas station did not sell groceries and the grocery store did not sell clothing.

If you are making homemade ice cream in the back of your store and selling it by the cone or bowl at the front counter, then yours is likely a popular ice cream spot. However, if you want the lion’s share of the ice cream business in your town, you will need to accommodate the customer’s need for payment options. Besides cash, you must accept credit and debit cards. For that you need a merchant account.

Charge.com Merchant Account Services will review your application at no charge and after approval set up a card terminal at your counter to accept cards. The credit card company will deposit the funds into your Charge.com merchant account and we will transfer it into your business checking account within two-three business days. Some merchant accounts will wait a week to ten days to transfer your money.

I Need a Charge.com Merchant Account for My Small Niche E-Commerce Only Business

Have you met the girl who couldn’t afford to go out much while in college so what little free time she had she spent making necklaces? When she had a bunch made up she’d sell them for ten bucks each on the street outside the college town bars.

Soon she couldn’t keep up with demand so she got her boyfriend, best friend, mom and sister to make them according to her designs. Meanwhile she built a webpage from which to market her necklaces. All she needed to make it work was the ability to accept credit cards.
Charge.com fees are as little as 0.25%; ours are the lowest in the industry and the fees are based on volume. Even if your niche business does a low but steady volume, you will make more sales and increase your customer base. That customer base can be your initial focus for direct marketing.

Entrepreneurs come in all ages and great ideas can happen anytime. Once you have your Charge.com Merchant Service up and running, you can expect to snag a larger part of the market.

Qualification for a Small Niche Business Charge.com Merchant Account Service

The size of your business is not a concern to us at Charge.com. Even cottage industries are eligible for and need a merchant account so they can receive payment. We are the secure intermediary that transfers the money from the buyer to the seller.

Before you apply for a Charge.com Merchant Services account a few details must be in place. Most small niche businesses are sole proprietors and as such they can operate by using their personal information to conduct business.

  1. You need a name for your business. As a sole proprietor, you may use Your Name doing business as (d/b/a) Monica’s Custom Custards.
  1. Open a business checking account to receive deposits if you want to or you may use your current personal checking account.
  1. The Government requires a Tax I.D. Number. You may apply for one to use as your I.D. but sole proprietors may use their Social Security Number as the Tax I.D.

(If your business is a partnership, LLC or corporation you need legal documentation drawn up by an attorney which designates your business as a legal entity. You will need a Tax I.D. Number issued by the Government and a business checking account to receive funds. You may not mingle business funds with personal funds.)

Once you have these three steps completed, you are ready to apply for your Merchant Services Account with Charge.com.  There is no fee to apply and setup and software are free to new customers.

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