Will Charge.com Handle My Large Volume Business?

There’s no such thing as too much business – as long as you are equipped to deal with the volume! If customers have to wait – either in the line in your store or for your online payment portal to load or process their order — they are likely to quit and go to your competitor. Can you afford to lose these customers? Fortunately, Charge.com offers a quick, easy, comprehensive solution, and most of it is free!

Here are 3 of the ways that Charge.com will help you manage your large volume business:

  1. Quick processing

Online shoppers are not known for their patience. If they’re trying to process their card and it takes too long, they might panic and think a third party is trying to grab their information. Or they might just get tired of waiting and move on to something else. This is especially true of impulse shoppers.

Your e-commerce site might be slow because a large numbers of users are trying to access the site at the same time. This happens a lot during sales, or on special occasions like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Vendors that use Charge.com don’t have to worry about downtime. Customer cards are verified instantly, so there’s never any backlog no matter how many customers are online.

Charge.com uses a system that gathers data and payments from swiped cards, NFC-accessed cards, online card input, and checks. It logs all these payments in a central filter and deposits the cash into the vendor’s account within 24 to 72 hours. A large volume business can keep payments flowing smoothly with Charge.com.

  1. Extra customers, extra security

Vendors worry about security: will fraudulent cards be rejected by the card processing system? For a large volume business with many daily transactions, it might seem easy for a fraudster to slip by. Charge.com uses military-grade encryption on its platform, so nothing can go through unauthorized or undetected. As an added benefit, the high level security means vendor websites doesn’t need to buy separate  SSL certificates from a third party.

Charge.com also has smooth, seamless eBay integration, so vendors using that platform can be assured that their processing needs will be met. Charge.com has worked with large companies including Apple, Yahoo, and AOL who rely on their superior processing capacity and enhanced security to handle their large volumes.

  1. Higher sales volume, better rates

The low cost guarantee at Charge.com promises the best rates in the market. Vendors pay as low as 15 cents per card transaction, and 5 cents per check. Vendors also get discounts as low as 0.25% based on transaction volume. The higher the volume, the better the discount!

Yes! Charge.com supports large volume businesses

No business is too large or too small to accept credit cards with Charge.com.  To facilitate large scale card payments for your large volume business, sign up today by calling Charge.com toll-free at 1-888-924-2743 or visit their website at www.charge.com for more information.

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