Will Charge.com Deny My Business with A Poor Credit Rating?

Is it possible to recover from adversity in business and the resulting poor credit rating? At Charge.com we believe in the possibility.

Salvage Your Unprofitable Business with a Poor Credit Rating

Maybe your business hasn’t been profitable of late. Perhaps you now have a business with a poor credit rating. All the usual advertising campaigns and sales promotions aren’t working like they once did. Your product is still in demand but perhaps the competition is pulling ahead by offering customers conveniences like online shopping and secure checkout with payment by credit card. When shopping in your store do your customers have the payment options of cash, check, credit or debit card? If they are limited to cash and check, they may go elsewhere to buy products because they expect the convenience of paying with plastic. Not being a quitter, you take steps to beat the competition by levelling the playing field. You hire a website designer with plans to set up an ecommerce site, promote your business on social media and get discovered on Google Search.

Charge.com Approves Businesses with a Poor Credit Rating

You need a merchant service so you can accept credit cards at your brick and mortar store and your new ecommerce site. The first two you applied to charged you an application fee and then turned you down because of your businesses poor credit rating. They did that because they fear chargebacks from dissatisfied customers. Returned merchandise or disputed transactions results in a loss for the card issuer and the merchant account.  Don’t give up because we at Charge.com want to see you succeed and are willing to help your business with a poor credit rating. Most merchant account services will shy away from businesses with large volume and high-end price tags. However, average priced products with moderate sales may mean a good chance for Charge.com merchant account approval even with a poor credit rating.

Let Charge.com Help Change Your Business with a Poor Credit Rating into a Strong Reliable Company

Choose Charge.com as your merchant account manager and rebuild your business according to today’s business standards and customer’s expectations. In doing so you will have the opportunity to repair your business with a poor credit rating. Call us at Charge.com or visit our website. If you have been in business for a while you have your business set up as a corporation or sole proprietorship. You need that information to apply for your merchant account at Charge.com. There is no application fee and nothing to lose by applying. One of our Charge.com Merchant Account staff members will work with you to gain approval and launch your credit card processing services. You have been missing out on 80% of sales because you didn’t accept credit cards. Sales will likely look up now.

Call us at Charge.com at 1-888-924-2743, or visit us on our website at Charge.com.

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