Will Charge.com Deny My Business Because Of My Poor Credit Rating?

One of the most frustrating things for any citizen is to have bad credit. It’s even more intense for a business. It creates an endless cycle, because bad credit stops you from doing business. And for long as you can’t carry out economic activities, you can’t generate income, and therefore, you can’t improve your credit. Talk about a vicious cycle!

While it makes sense that financial service businesses want to protect themselves from bad creditors, it’s in the best interests of the national economy to help poor creditors rather than cutting them out of the system. Charge.com is a firm believer of this guiding principle.

Open door policy for bad credit

Charge.com is an equal opportunity supplier. They will offer card processing services to your business, regardless of your credit status. They understand that the worse your credit is, the more help you need to get out of the cycle. And the more legitimate business you can do, the faster you will get out of bad debt. For this reason, Charge.com is open to vendors whose credit rating is questionable.

As a credible card processing agency, Charge.com goes one better. There are certain industries that have a hard time getting financial support, because they are considered ‘high risk’ entities. Charge.com will review these businesses and support them regardless, because after all, risk or no risk, demand invites supply.

No penalties for bankruptcy

Some of the world’s most dynamic businesses have experienced bankruptcy at some point in their careers. Some even faced it multiple times. But every time they lost their fortunes, they got right back up again. Charge.com admires this pioneering spirit and celebrates it. That’s why it freely offers services to vendors with prior bankruptcies. It’s all part of the process.

Other times, vendors get discouraged because they have been turned down by so many credit card processors. While Charge.com recognizes such caution, it doesn’t embrace it. This card processor will accept vendors that have been turned down by multiple agencies, and they won’t even levy extra fees or penalize these ‘risky creditors’.

Work your way out of bad credit

When you have bad credit, it can be hard to carry out any economic activities. Seed money is hard to come by, which makes it hard to source business supplies. Charge.com wants to help with that. While they can’t supply your business materials, they can help you cut costs by offering free services. When you sign up for an account, Charge.com’s free offerings include:

  • Free set-up
  • Free application
  • Free software
  • Free credit card machine
  • Free online shopping cart
  • Free search engine services
  • Free mobile apps

As you save costs on these essential business services, you have more resources available to rebuild your career, your business, and your credit rating. And Charge.com is more than glad to help. To start improving your bad credit and restoring your business reputation, sign up today by calling call 1-888-924-2743 toll-free, or visiting www.charge.com.


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