Why Choose Charge.com as the Right Payment Processing Solution for Your Business?

Business owners and administrators must make many key decisions. While they may not to be fatal in a literal sense, they do affect the life or death of their business. They need to be extra careful when they’re choosing suppliers, software providers, and financial partners.

Payment processing companies are directly tied in to both finance and technology, making this one of the most important choices any business can make. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right fit. With so many players in this field, how will you decide?

Experience beats exposure

If a company wants a strong online status, all they have to do is buy massive amounts of online advertising. If their pockets are deep enough, they can efficiently outshine the competition. That’s why visibility is the wrong way to pick your payment processor.

Instead, consider the agency that has been in business the longest because they have proven experience and longevity. Charge.com has been in the card processing business for well over 20 years, and their track record is easily verifiable.

Second chances for bad credit

There are many ways that your credit can be compromised. You might be drowning in student debt, or may be a victim of credit card fraud. You may even have chosen the wrong partner, one that ended up racking debt in your name. Or it may be something more innocent, like ill-advised purchasing decisions in your younger years.

Charge.com is still willing to offer you card processing services, despite your bad credit. Charge.com also facilitates payments for ‘high risk’ businesses. They believe everyone has the right to earn money regardless of their financial past.

Free services guarantee value for money

Running a successful business requires you to minimise expenses without compromising quality. Lowering costs raises profits. Charge.com helps you reduce your operation bills while still giving you a guaranteed low cost service. Charge.com has successfully serviced Apple, AOL, Yahoo, and many others.

And how do they help you save money? When you sign up for Charge.com, you receive multiple free services when you sign up for your merchant account. These include:

  • No application fee
  • Free software
  • Free programming
  • Free set-up
  • Free mobile apps
  • Free online shopping carts
  • Free training
  • Free customer support

Security concerns handled with military tech tools

A service that offers so many free features might raise flags for the typically skeptical online user. However, the trust and endorsement of security conscious tech giants should allay these fears. In case they don’t, Charge.com has complete Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for all their offerings.

In addition to their overarching compliance levels, Charge.com uses military grade encryption systems to keep vendor and customer data safe. There shall be no data breaches for customers paying through this payment agency. They instantly verify both credit and debit cards, and they swiftly process checks a well.

To join the right card processor for your business, sign up today by calling 1-888-924-2743 toll-free or visiting www.charge.com.

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