Washington State Merchants Win Big with Charge.com

Washington is perhaps the best-known state in America’s green, water-rich Pacific Northwest region. It is famous throughout the other 49 for many things, like Seattle – a regional travel and commercial hub situated next to the Puget Sound. The city is home to industry giants such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as tourist destinations like the Pike Place Market, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Space Needle, the massive Pacific Science Center, and the Experience Music Project Museum. For those travelling outside of the Seattle Metro area, there is much to do and see, as well. There are several national parks – filled with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, ferns, trails, and giant trees dripping moss – located within Washington, including Olympia, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and the Cascades. There are also numerous state parks worth visiting, such as Gingko Petrified Forest and the old-growth forests located on the San Juan Islands in the state’s far northwestern corner. Washington’s northern border abuts America’s neighbor nation of Canada, too – so there is plenty of international tourism and trade flowing steadily into the state.

By all accounts, Washington’s local merchants should be extremely pleased with their situation. Their state is popular, cool, and business-savvy. It attracts a lot of visitors, and these folks almost always pay using plastic for the expediency and security. Since most companies operating in the state accept credit cards, (as well as all other forms of remittance), there should be no problems – but there are. Hundreds – if not thousands – of businesses across Washington are paying too much for payment processing that delivers too little too late. It works like this – a business will apply for card services through a payment processor, and that involves opening up a merchant account with said processor. While the processor should give the business a new, private account for all of its credit card services, it could very well shunt the business onto a pre-existing account it is already managing. This maneuver limits the business’s involvement with the account to that of a third-party user. The business has to wait lengthy periods of time for transaction approvals to come through, and the processor is free to deduct excessive rates and fees from the monies collected as they sit. When the business’s funds are finally dispersed – there is hardly enough accumulating to keep up with the bills, and that can make its future far from certain.

Charge.com is one payment processing company that wants businesses to have a chance to stick around and enjoy the Evergreen State. Its clients do not receive the third-party treatment – instead, they are given their own individual accounts, over which they have control. Charge.com customers can start online credit card processing, (as well as handling other forms of remittance), a mere 24-48 hours after having their applications accepted, and they will not have to wait weeks and weeks for their money to appear in their account. Funds are generally deposited within three business days, and customers who qualify for Next Day Funding see their money in their account within only one. Charge.com also never assails their clients with hidden fees or exorbitant rates for merchant credit card processing, so all of the money will be there – right on the time – when they need it.

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