How can the Merchant Credit Card Processing Services offered by help you grow your business?

  1. Grow your business by offering customers payment options.

Keep your customers happy and you keep your customers. They are more likely to buy from you if it’s easy and convenient. Even if you are selling a product or service they need and want, they may bypass your opportunity for a more convenient payment option elsewhere.

If you are not accepting credit and debit cards as payment, then you are out of touch with customer preferences. Credit cards allow customers to purchase goods and services safely and conveniently. Even if they have the cash in their pocket, many customers still prefer to use a credit card.

When a business does not accept credit cards they are eliminating 80% of the buying public as customers. Some studies have also shown that those who use credit cards for purchases spend, on average, up to 20% more than those who use cash or checks.

Accept credit and debit cards as payment options and you will cater to the preferences of a large segment of the buying public.

  1. You grow your business when customers can find you.

Even if you have a brick and mortar store, you can still create an e-commerce site so customers can also buy your products through your website. sets up your payment gateway in addition to your virtual terminal so you can accept payment for goods 24 hours a day. Many people do their best shopping at 2:00 a.m. so you could make money while you sleep!

Whenever you like, you can view all transactions that have occurred. Your e-commerce merchant account will email your list of new orders to fill along with the billing address of the buyer. This creates a customer database for future promotions. A record of your sales is always available. will set up your virtual terminal so customers can pay without leaving your website. They even assist with getting noticed by Google and other search engines, so a search for your product will lead seekers to your website.

  1. Grow your business by cutting your losses

When your business operates with a account, you can eliminate the risk of bad checks and slow payment. You present your bill for products or services to your customer and they swipe their card at your point of sale terminal, the payment gateway on your web page, or your portable terminal on your smart phone or tablet. Your Merchant Service sends an electronic request for the funds to the customer’s card issuer. Within seconds you have an approved payment. Within 3 days (and usually faster), funds are available in your account. You don’t have to send out an invoice and wait for payment by check—a check that may or may not clear.

Receiving immediate payment and quick access to funds improves your business cash flow and you need that to help your business grow. You have access to your money within days, not weeks, and you can use that money to grow your business and reach out to even more customers.

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