Three Reasons to Open a Merchant Account with

Opening a credit card merchant account is easier said than done. Most credit card processors have strict requirements and do not accept applications from every type of business. High risk businesses and companies with poor credit scores in particular experience a difficult time getting approved for a merchant account; the entire process can be extremely disheartening.  However, is not your ordinary credit card processor.     

Here are the top three reasons why you should open a merchant account with

We approve nearly every type of business. Have you been denied credit card services simply because of the type of your business? Have you been denied a merchant account because you own a high risk business? can help. We are renowned for approving nearly every type of business and are now home to companies usually turned down by other merchant account providers. Yes, we even accept high risk companies.

We approve companies with poor credit scores. Bad credit happens to the best of us. does not discriminate when it comes to credit scores; we happily approve companies with low or bad credit ratings and boast one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

We do not have an application fee. Most credit card processors charge an expensive bank application fee of up to $250. However, waives this fee, making the application process affordable for everyone.

Are you ready to make use of our payment gateway and credit card services? While there are numerous merchant account companies available in the market today, there is only one Payment Solutions, Inc.

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