Sunny Days Ahead for Jacksonville Merchants Using

For many folks, the words “fun” and “sun” are synonymous with Jacksonville, Florida. Millions of visitors flock to the city each year, and over 853,000 people call it home – making it the state’s most populated metropolis. It is home to the NFL’s Jaguars, and one of the nation’s longest-running playhouse experiences – the Alhambra Dinner Theatre. Brewery tours are widely held, as are visits to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, which sits on 117 acres and retains thousands of animals and plants. The city has two amazing esplanades – known as the Riverwalks – on the north and south banks of the St. Johns River, and the impressive Jacksonville Landing houses 126,000 square feet of restaurants, clubs, tattoo parlors, shops, and even a historic museum. With all that the city has to offer, it is no wonder that people love it so.

A lot of different merchants love doing business in Jacksonville, too. They have a chance to tap into the flow of tourism dollars entering the local economy, and can fill their coffers if they are savvy.  Good payment processing plays an important role in this. Merchants that can accept credit card payments online are more likely to gain the patronage of tourists who do not carry cash with them, or even those who are just looking to save time and pre-order their goods/services. A lot of businesses cannot offer online card services to their customers, however, because they do not have access to merchant accounts with a payment processor. Credit card processors often deny merchant accounts to ventures that they have deemed high risk, and when the processors do grant them, the accounts come with heavy stipulations – and processing fees – attached. Many credit card processing companies also make their clients share one common merchant account instead of giving each one their own. This allows the processing companies to control the distribution of funds from the monies collected in the merchant account, and seize their clients’ funds with little-to-no notice.

The aforementioned conditions can do a great deal to convince merchants that online payment processing is simply not worth the hassle – which is a shame, because not having it can cost them much more. Fortunately, one credit card processor – – is on the side of businesses city-wide no matter what their risk status is. The application for their payment gateway services only takes a second to fill out, and the whole process is completely free. Once approval has been granted, a business can begin processing real-time payments through its private account within 24-48 hours. Technology, software, and the complete set up are provided – gratis – by, and a full team of expert technical staff are standing by 24/7/365 to provide support if problems arise. Best of all, the rates are easily affordable. Clients pay as low as 0.25% for credit card processing services, and as little as $0.15 for each transaction. With conditions as favorable as these, Jacksonville merchants certainly have more to smile about than just the sunshine.


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