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Business owners should heed this grim warning: Give the customer what he or she wants or they’ll spend their money somewhere else. Are you allowing your customers to pay by credit card? Statistically, customers who use credit cards as payment will spend 20% more than a customer paying with cash. If a merchant does not accept credit cards, he’s removing up to 80% of buyers from his sphere of influence.

If you’re shopping for credit card processing services for your business, choose a merchant account with a good reputation.  Also, there’s no wisdom to overpaying for services that help grow your business. has all the right merchant services

There is more than one merchant account service from which you can choose. It’s sensible to choose the most experienced service provider with the best reputation for customer service and technological advances. That company is Merchant Services.

They have two decades of online experience serving credit card processing needs for businesses. Their product options extend credit card payment service to websites, mobile sites and brick and mortar stores. will draw customers

Business today must accept credit cards as payment because that is how customers want to pay. They use their handy plastic cards for everything from down payments on cars to burgers at the drive-thru window. But they want to know that it is safe to use their cards in your store or on your website. uses military strength encryption to keep customers’ information safe and they offer 24/7 technical support to their clients.

Smart merchants accept credit cards as payment in store and online. You want the opportunity to serve every customer so you cover all the bases and even accept checks and cash. offers the best rates is renowned for having the best rates. Take a look at the figures: The lowest discount rate charged by most merchant services is 1.9% and the lowest transaction fee is 20 cents. is as low as 0.25% and transaction fees start as low as 15 cents.

There’s more; many fees charged by others are free from  Other merchant account services charge fees for these things that you won’t have to pay when you sign up with

  • Non-refundable application fee up to $250
  • Card setup fee up to $150
  • Programming charge up to $95
  • Shopping cart on your website $300
  • Checks by phone, fax and internet $300
  • Discover & American Express setup fee up to $50 each

That is potentially a cost of $1,195 just to get started with some merchant account services. And, you may have to wait up to 2 weeks to get an approval from them. offers all those same services at a total startup cost of $0.00. Approval is virtually instant. is there to help also approves more businesses including those whose

  • Credit rating is low
  • Business category is high risk
  • Transaction volume is high or low.

Save more money on your merchant services and still get the best choice for your business. Sign up now at or call 1-888-924-2743 and accept credit cards within the week.

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