Printing Businesses Get More than Just Words from

While much of the world today gets all of their information in digital form, there is still a high demand for printing jobs. Many businesses have promotional posters, fliers, and coupons printed up to get their names out to the public. Corporations have announcements, proposals, and memos done to distribute among board members and employees. Wedding planners need invitations, banners, and other monogrammed paper goods. City councils will also print up notices about upcoming measures to be distributed among residents. It would appear that all reports of print’s death were greatly exaggerated, but not without some foundation. Many printing businesses are struggling today, but it is not from a lack of work. Instead, it is from onerous fees they have to pay for payment processing.

Many printing businesses fall into the high risk category of merchants due to the large volume of goods they produce, and the high potential for chargebacks to unsatisfied customers. This means that credit card payment processing companies often will not grant them online merchant accounts that they could use for card services. Even if the processors say they will let the higher risk ventures open accounts, they usually force them to run their card payments through the processor’s own merchant account while charging the same elevated rates that they would for “private” accounts. Once they have the funds from the processed payments, the card processors will often place holds on them, so businesses cannot get their money – and subsequently cannot pay bills, employees, or purchase inventory needed to do more work.

This kind of treatment from other credit card processors can put a stranglehold on any printer’s business. Fortunately, is one processor that believes words only have meaning when they are followed up with action. This company does not just promise consideration for all merchants – the application process is free and easy to any kind of business – high risk or low. High risk merchant accounts are readily available, approval is quick, and the rates are entirely affordable. Businesses can start processing payments through their accounts only 24-48 hours after opening them. Best of all, actually grants each business its own account, so there are no more unexplained holds on funds businesses need to keep pressing on. Other great merchant benefits include:

  • PIN and EIN Secured accounts
  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Rates starting at 0.25%
  • Transaction fees starting at $0.15
  • Immediate check verification
  • Instant transaction approval
  • Free technology set up, software, and technical support 24/7/365
  • Virtual Terminal – allows merchants to take orders, process remittances, send invoices, and keep detailed bookkeeping records
  • Payment processing done in real time

There are thousands of words business owners can use to describe their merchant services provider. Due to unfair treatment in the past, some of those nouns and adjectives utilized might not be very flattering. When asked to describe the best online merchant services they have ever received, however, thousands often say just one thing:

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