Political Campaigns and Organizations Get Help from Charge.com

Political organizations and campaigns are filled with hard-working people who are dedicated to their causes and getting the candidates who espouse those same ideals elected into office. In order to promote their causes and win elections, these groups need to effectively reach the people via printed information, social gathering appearances, and doing interviews with the television media. To pay for those, campaigns and organizations have to raise funds by soliciting donations from individuals and businesses and selling merchandise. Though their appeals do not go unanswered, the flow of money can be far from steady, which means they have greater odds of losing.

The easiest way for interested parties to give money is over the Internet, of course, but a lot of campaigns and organizations are unable to accept political donations online. This puts them at a severe disadvantage when it comes to amassing financial backing for paying staffers and purchasing advertising materials. Even if a campaign or organization has access to online payment processing, that does not mean it has proper availability of funds. This is due to actions taken by the credit card processing companies that allot online merchant accounts necessary for accepting credit cards on websites. The processors consider many forms of enterprise to be high-risk endeavors, and that includes politically affiliated campaigns and organizations. Processors often deny them merchant accounts entirely, or give them access to an account they must share as a third party with the processor. Long holding periods can be placed on the funds in the account by the processor, and excessively elevated rates are charged to the clients. This is all disastrous to a campaign or organization’s operations.

A credit card processing company, Charge.com, exists to provide those in high-risk industries with better financial management. The application process is fast, easy, and free. Applicants can be approved very quickly, and once they have received their online merchant account, they only have to wait a short 24-48 hour period before using it for payment processing. Charge.com also gives its clients free technology such as credit card swipe machines, mobile credit card readers, and Virtual Terminals that can take donations and orders for merchandise, process contributions and payments, send receipts, and keep detailed records at the same time. Expert technical support staff assist with the set up, and are available 24/7/365 to help resolve any issues that arise. Charge.com does not stay on its clients’ accounts as a third party, either, so campaigns and organizations will not have to endure crippling holds on their funds. Other great benefits to processing payments with Charge.com include:

  • Real-time payment processing
  • Instant transaction approval
  • Immediate check verifications
  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Better security
  • No hidden fees
  • Credit card processing rates as low as 0.25%
  • Transaction fees for as little as $0.15
  • Easily obtainable high-risk merchant accounts (low-risk accounts, too)

It takes a lot of effort and stamina to win over the hearts and minds of voters. It also takes a lot of travelling, advertising, and lobbying with various foundations. Charge.com makes it easy for political campaigns and organizations to keep their funding moving free by getting donations online, so it can carry them to victory.

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