Phoenix Merchants See Profits Rise with Payment Processing from

The American Southwest is beginning to grow in terms of popularity and population. Phoenix, the star of Arizona, is rapidly growing into a major tourist destination with millions visiting each year to bask in its idyllic weather and view the most beautiful desert scenery imaginable. With burgeoning restaurant and craft beer industries – plus miles and miles of gorgeous trails for hiking and biking – Phoenix is no longer just for snowbirds; it is now a paradise for millennials and young families, too. The city’s merchants could not be more pleased – as tourism brings billions of dollars into the state each year – but some are a little more joyous than others. Some businesses are still struggling with a problem that has afflicted many in the lands that lie west of the Pecos – no credit card services. Since most tourists pay with their plastic instead of travelling with cash, this creates a problem for merchants who cannot accept credit cards. They often lose customers to their competition, and their business fades like a bone in the sun.

These businesses want to be accepting credit cards – there is no doubt – but the ability to process online payments still eludes them because they do not have the merchant accounts they need to do it. Merchant accounts are not always easy to get, because they are managed by credit card payment processing companies that like to deem any small/new business as being high risk. Even being a commonplace establishment – like a grocery store – does not prevent a business from being labeled as high risk. The processors usually will not give these ventures merchant accounts, and if they do, they often place burdensome dues on their clients. The processing companies bill each client astronomical fees for a private account, but actually run all the payment information through their own accounts to save money. Businesses pay an arm and a leg for each transaction, but they cannot go back to the alternative – having no credit card processing services.

As luck would have it, has a solution for all businesses that want terrific card services without horrible fees – open an account with them. Their application process is free and they have a large number of high risk merchant accounts available, (low risk accounts are ready, too). Once a business has been approved, credit card payment processing can begin online or in-store within 24-48 hours. The rates are also unbelievably low, with processing fees starting at 0.25% and transaction fees costing as little as $0.15. has additional amazing benefits, including:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Security
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Instant payment verification
  • Free card readers, set up, and software
  • 24/7/365 expert technical support
  • No random third-party holds
  • Domestic/International accounts

The practices employed by a lot of payment processors can be detrimental to a business’s development. They can dry up the company’s flow of funds just like the desert sun evaporates small Phoenix streams vital to nearby flora. Businesses that have on their side, however, will always continue to see their money flow.

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