Pet Care Professionals Have Nothing but Praise for

We Americans are extremely fond of our fur-babies, our four-legged children, our baby “substitutes” – our pets, in other words. We take them everywhere we possibly can – and even places we know we should not. We buy them toys – paying careful attention to the ones they like the best, so we know what to get them for the holidays. We buy them bags and bags of treats, including such delicacies as pigs’ ears, gourmet cookies, and whole, salted fish. We redistribute their waste into areas we think more appropriate, and purchase special biodegradable bags to tote it around in.  We cater to them endlessly – proclaiming their unconditional love is our reward for doing so. Our commitment to their well-being and happiness is so strong that we will even hire legions of servants for them. Each year, millions of us pay for our pets to have sitters, groomers, walkers, and stay in what are essentially animal hotels. This is not cheap, but if it brings our quadruped pals joy, then it is well worth it to us.

Not that is inexpensive to fund a business specializing in pet care, either. Taking care of peoples’ furry kids can cost a pretty penny. Special diet foods, training treats, grooming supplies, and waste management products must be routinely purchased. Mobile pet services such as walkers and groomers also have to buy gas frequently to get around to see their customers. In the case of pet boarders and daycares, adequate space must be procured for the animals to lounge about comfortably as well as romp around in. This could mean renting or purchasing land, and then making extensive modifications to it. These costs can add up quickly, so pet care professionals need to have quick turn-around on their remittances from customers. The quickest way for pet pros to collect payments may be by accepting credit cards, but the money could still take a while to show up in their merchant accounts. This lag is caused by bad credit card payment processing – and when coupled with excessive fees – it can make a merchant’s funds as elusive as wild deer. There are only fleeting glimpses of them, then they are gone.

With, pet care experts will not watch their money go bouncing down some rabbit hole. It will be right where it should be – when they need it to be. This is possible because provides its clients with the fastest and most affordable credit card processing services available today. Customers usually see their funds deposited in their online merchant accounts within 2-3 business days, and qualifying businesses will receive Next Day Funding that shortens their deposit wait to just 24 hours. offers clients some of the lowest rates in the online payment processing industry. Many pay rates as low as 0.25%, and transaction fees can cost as little as $0.15. In addition to quick deposits and minimal expenses, also gives its customers free credit card swipe machines – both the in-store and mobile kind – complete with software installation and 24/7 expert technical support. There are even Virtual Terminals available for interested merchants who want to manage everything with the tap of a finger – including ordering/booking by clients, payment processing, recurrent billing, and detailed bookkeeping. Pet care providers can finally bring their wily finances to heel with a little help from


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