Peachy Keen Services from Keep Georgia Merchants Happy

There are few states more historically significant than Georgia. The Peach State was one of the original thirteen colonies that started the United States. It witnessed a brutal finish to the Civil War, and it was the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. This all translates to a lot of tourism for the state. Its capital and largest city, Atlanta, is awash in historical sites, as well as contemporary attractions like the impressive Georgia Aquarium and the High Art Museum. To the south sits the state jewel of Savannah – a beautiful city famous throughout history for its architecture, cemeteries, and elegant parks. Visitors seeking more secluded areas to see in Georgia can check out Blue Ridge, which abuts the stunning Chattahoochee National Forest and Blue Ridge Lake. There is no shortage of sunbathers stopping by, either. Georgia’s Golden Isles – the four islands off the state’s southeastern coast – draw in millions of sun-seeking and nature-loving tourists each year. All of this is terrific news, of course, for the millions of merchants who provide services across the state. They stand to make the greatest gains from all of the money the tourism industry can generate – but only if they have access to good, clean credit card processing. Without it, they may lose far more than they will gain.

Clean credit card payment processing is – unfortunately – a sight rarely seen these days. Credit card processors usually deceive merchants into using murky processing procedures that are less effective and more costly. The processors will, for example, offer a business an “individual” merchant account for online credit card payment processing, but then simply add it to the processor’s own account as a third-party user. This means that the business’s remittances are being processed and deposited through the account, but only the processor can withdraw them – even while charging the business high fees and processing rates for a private account. Many processors have hidden fees that they deduct from their clients’ funds, too. When the businesses finally do get their money dispersed to them, there is far less present than what was anticipated. The processors’ shadowy practices can leave many Georgian merchants feeling like fish out of water when it comes to collecting funds for their businesses.

Luckily, there is one credit card processing company that believes crystal-clear payment processing is best. offers its customers clean, no-strings-attached processing, and has even been lauded by some of the industry’s top reviewers for its commitment to tidy processing and excellent customer service. There is no fee to apply for a private online merchant account with, and once a business has opened one, it can be used to process all forms of payment in real-time – with no third-party holds to wait out. also has some of the most affordable rates for credit card processing, and transaction fees are only a few cents. Hidden charges are never levied against customer accounts, either. All costs are settled in full at the time a merchant account is opened. The latest in processing technology is provided at no cost to clients, too – with free software set-up and 24/7/365 expert technical support to clear up any confusing issues. Merchants in Georgia can finally avoid muddying their rivers of cash with bad processing – and it is all thanks to flawless services from

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