Payment Processing on the Web

The efficiency, access, and other benefits that online payment processing affords are great, but beware of letting these be undercut by an inadequate merchant services provider. Like one who does not have all the bases covered when it comes to keeping the payment information of your customers secure. Sensitive information, when being transmitted for the purpose of processing payments, must be safely encrypted. Just as you’re sedulous in the way you run your business, our merchant services company is unfailingly thorough in the way we keep safe all the information entrusted to us.

When choosing a provider, you also want to look out for the flexibility that is offered. Working with one company for mobile, phone, mail order, and wireless transactions is best. At, we understand what our clients want. Use our comparison chart to see all the benefits that an Internet merchant account with us can give you.

Low Cost Guarantee

We’re so confident that has the lowest costs that we will pay you $200 to find a better deal! If you find a competitor of offering a direct merchant account and the same hardware, software, or payment gateway that currently offers, will beat the costs of the competitor’s offer or else pay you $200. And if you are currently processing credit cards, then if you send us your most recent credit card processing statement, will beat the competitor’s costs or else pay you $200. If you open a new merchant account, and then find a lower offer afterward, will honor the low cost guarantee for 30 days after opening the account.

In order to take advantage of the low cost guarantee, merchants must provide a contract from a competitor showing the full fee-schedule, and the competitor must be a verifiable registered provider of Visa and MasterCard services or, for merchants already processing credit cards, merchants must provide a copy of their most recent credit card processing statement long with a copy of their original merchant agreement that includes the full fee-schedule. When comparing costs, we will analyze all costs including, but not limited to, processing fees, transaction fees, monthly fees, annual fees, cancellation fees, and costs for hardware, software, or payment gateway.

We will project these costs based on the merchant’s actual or projected monthly credit card sales volume and average ticket size. In the event fails to beat a competitor’s offer, in order to receive the $200 payment from, merchants are required to open a merchant account with or send proof that an account has been opened with a competitor that failed to match pricing of, and the merchant must keep the account open for a minimum of three months.

This offer is limited to merchants who reside within the fifty United States and whose businesses are physically located within the fifty United States. This offer expires March 1, 2016, and may be extended further at the sole discretion of