Packing and Shipping Businesses Don’t Get Broken Promises from

As far as industry practices go, the ones for packing and shipping businesses seem pretty direct. A customer drops off an item to be packed up and shipped to a specific destination, pays, and then the clerk packs it up and sends it on its way. Everybody is happy with this transaction. Only not everybody is actually happy with this transaction. The customer is paying slightly more than they would at another company, because this business has to pay high credit card processing fees and winds up passing the difference on to customers in price increases – which makes customers think about taking their items elsewhere for shipping. The business owner is not happy, either. Charging higher prices makes this packing and shipping company less competitive, but accepting only cash or check payments does not work because so few people carry paper on hand. Even after the company raises prices to compensate for high processing fees, the credit card processor can still hold on the company’s funds with no warning or release date, so the owner might run out of supplies to finish orders and see a drop in business anyway.

It is an almost no-win situation that many packing and shipping business owners face every day: having merchant services that hurt their business more than they are helping it. They need online merchant accounts to accept credit card payments – either online or in-store – and they often cannot get credit card processors to grant such accounts to them. Processors often claim that packing and shipping businesses are high risk ventures due to the potential for chargebacks from transport damage and theft, so they do not want to open accounts that will constantly be in the red. Some other processors claim to extend merchant accounts to everybody, but in reality, they force their clients to process all the card payments through one account and charge large fees. is one credit card processing company that works to help businesses that have been dubbed high risk by others. They have a vast availability of high risk merchant accounts and the application process is completely free. Approval for an account can happen in the blink of an eye, and then businesses can begin processing credit card (and other) payments in real-time. Best of all, the rates are entirely reasonable. They start as low as 0.25% for credit card processing services, and as low as just $0.15 for each transaction. No more burdensome dues that force businesses to raise their prices. Each merchant account is assigned to an individual company, too, so there will be no more holds on funds received while business languishes. is also committed to helping businesses get their brand up and moving all over the country with the latest technology and software for the fastest and most accurate processing, instant payment verification, and transaction approval. To help customers with operations, they provide expert, live-person technical support 24/7/365. With’s help, the packing and shipping industry can be as easy as drop off and go.

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