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North Carolina is not the biggest state, but it still has a very diverse landscape. In the west sits the hauntingly beautiful Appalachian Mountain Range – backdrop to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with its miles and miles of magnificent forests, rivers, waterfalls, and Clingmans Dome. Toward the middle of the state is the Piedmont Plateau upon which Charlotte – the state’s largest city and site of the NASCAR Hall of Fame – is perched. The eastern portion of North Carolina is a large coastal plain that is crisscrossed by numerous waterways. It cradles the capital city of Raleigh, which encompasses North Carolina’s impressive museums of natural science, art, and state history. To the north of Raleigh sits Durham – the homestead of the Durham Bulls. At its eastern-most edge, the state is met and swallowed by the warm waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Here is Corolla, and further out, the land breaks up into small islands known as the Outer Banks. Visitors to this part of North Carolina can tour lighthouses, swim, surf, and scuba dive among shipwrecks.

The state is breathtaking, and each year millions of tourists flood across its borders to revel in its loveliness, visit its museums, and party in its water parks. All of this new revenue coming into the state should make North Carolina merchants ecstatic about their profits, but some will not be rejoicing as much as others. These businesses will still be struggling to keep their books in the black – even with all the new customers to serve. Their problems usually stem from bad credit card payment processing. The credit card processing companies these businesses have their merchant accounts through may be overcharging them, attaching hidden fees to their accounts, and forcing them to share semi-private accounts as third-party users. This leaves them with less money, less control over their funds, and less security. If they are paying the credit card processors a lot of money, then they should actually get more – right?

At, it is the other way around. Clients pay the most affordable rates possible, and receive payment gateway services and benefits that go above and beyond the bar set by the rest of the industry. never issues bills for obscure fees, for example. All costs are determined at the time an online merchant account is opened. does not stuff multiple clients on to one account as third-party users, either. Each applicable business is assured its own private account – meaning all transactions happen in real-time with no lengthy waiting period to access funds, and no worrying about dangerous security breaches targeting another account member. In addition to low rates and secure payment processing, has other amenities to offer businesses seeking online merchant services. The application process is completely free, and approved members can begin online payment processing just 24-48 hours after getting an account. also provides its clients with free technology and professional formatting to get everything up and running. A team of expert technical support staff is available 24/7/365 to assist clients with any issues that arise.

Free benefits, better security, real-time payment processing, and the lowest rates around. Now, every North Carolina merchant has a reason to smile. They can always count on to provide them with the best for less.

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