New Jersey Merchants Love Credit Card Services from

Despite its size, New Jersey is a big player on the east coast. The Garden State is home to Newark – a vital transit hub for humans and cargo heading out all over the United States, as well as Atlantic City – which wows tourists with its iconic Steel Pier and Boardwalk. Historic Ellis Island is located in Jersey City, and Ocean City is the abode of the now world-famous Jersey Shore and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier. New Jersey has plenty to offer folks outside of its major cities. The waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap National Reservation Area are a must-see for visitors to the East Coast, and Cheesequake State Park is the perfect place to spend a sunny day hiking, biking, and picnicking. Millions of people flock to New Jersey each year to sight-see or conduct business, and wind up depositing hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy. Merchants of all trades stand to reap the most benefits from this flow of humanity, but only if they have exceptional credit card processing services. Without them, the money may disappear as quickly as it comes in.

The vanishing cash is caused by bad payment processing. Credit card processing companies handle remittance transactions for businesses, and charge them a specific percentage for credit card processing, as well as a fee for each transaction. Many of these processors overcharge their clients, however, and dupe them into using shared merchant accounts with other clients. Business owners think that they are obtaining individual accounts, but the truth is they are all using their processor’s account as a third party. This gives the processor complete control over all the funds going in and out of the account, and the businesses have to wait for it to disperse them. In the meantime, hidden fees are being deducted from the funds as they sit. When the businesses finally do get their cash, there is far less than what was anticipated. This kind of treatment can be fatal to some companies – especially the small and independent ones. Their bills go unpaid while they wait for their funds to be released, then after they get their money, they still do not have enough to cover their debts. It really can be a no-win situation.

Luckily, there is one credit card processor that is here to help the merchants of New Jersey. delivers the best online credit card processing and individual merchant accounts – and all at the most affordable rates in the industry. The application is free, easy, and takes only a few minutes to fill out. Responses can come quickly, with many applicants hearing back within a couple of days – not weeks. Once approved, a company can start using its merchant account to process payments in real-time with immediate transaction approval and instant check verification. Since offers its clients private accounts, businesses do not have to struggle through any long third-party holds, either. Customers can access their funds in as little as little as 72 business hours with no hidden charges subtracted. This is part of’s offer that many businesses cannot refuse.

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