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Being in business today is certainly not a piece of cake! Even if you have been in business for many years and believe that your customer base is well established, you cannot deny if if the profits are not up when you balance the books. That is simply because the whole business environment has seen dramatic change in the past decade. Tight economy, rapidly changing technology and a change in consumer mindset has all contributed to business owners having to rethink how they conduct business. Maybe it’s not just a rethink, but a massive mental-overhaul that’s required for you to revolutionize your approach to marketing, sales and growing profits.

Let’s analyze the changes of the past decade

The worldwide economic slump of 2008 and the ensuing “great recession” had a massive impact on consumer mindset. Many were caught blind-sided, and consumers have learned to think carefully before parting with their cash.

Rapidly changing technology has introduced an expectation of instant access to not only information, but products and services. With online access has come the Smart phone which means that consumers can access businesses and conduct transactions while on the move. If your business is not keeping up to date with technology and the consumer expectation that it creates, be assured that your competitors are and you’re being left behind.

Consumer mindset has made a complete and radical shift away from easy spending, tramping sidewalks and malls to find products and services and carrying bulky wallets filled with cash. The consumer of 2017 is well informed and they expect quality products and services with ease of transaction and convenience.

If you are not tracking changes in consumer expectations and behavior, you could be seeing your profit and loss statement slide into the red!

All is not lost – make just a few changes

If you are still relying on passing trade, walk-in’s and accepting only cash or check payments you are totally out of touch with consumer reality. It is likely that you are feeling the sting of falling profits!

All is not lost though – all you need to do is ensure that your business has an online presence, and you must change the way you transact. As few as 20% of consumers today carry cash! The consumer of 2017 carries credit cards in their wallet and probably no more than $10 in cash.

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