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Timing is everything – a truth pertaining to both comedy and business. In comedy, a comedian gifted with a sense of successful timing is able to say/do something funny at just the right moment to generate the best response from the audience. In business, companies succeed based on their ability to time the delivery of funds from their payment processing companies with those periods when their stock is running low, their employees have to be paid, and/or their utilities require remittance. If their timing is off, then the companies could find themselves in a something of a pickle, and – unfortunately – it does happen quite frequently. The blame does not lie entirely on a struggling business’s shoulders, however. Its credit card payment processor may actually be responsible for the problem.

In order to process online credit card payments – as well as other forms of remittance – from customers, a business needs a merchant account backed by a payment processing company. While many such companies advertise that they will provide businesses with their own individual accounts, these promises often ring hollow. Many account holders are tricked by their processors into paying large sums for private arrangements when they are actually sharing a single merchant account with several other businesses. This is not only risky for everyone in terms of security, but it also means that the processors who handle the accounts have complete control over the funds in them – not the users. The processors decide when the money that has accrued in the accounts will be released, and they can issue third-party financial holds on their clients’ funds for the smallest reasons. The businesses have to sit and wait for the processors to release their money, and this can take weeks upon weeks. Meanwhile, the negative effects of this throws off the businesses’ timing – the bills keep piling up, and the books keep going into the red. For most, the constant holdups from the processors prove fatal as they run out of money and time to satisfy their creditors. customers do not have to sit through several rounds of the waiting game to access their funds, however. That is because this payment processor delivers on its promise to provide each of its clients with their own individual merchant accounts, instead of making them all share one together. As actual account holders – and not third-party users – clients control the flow of their money. Funds are generally deposited within just 2 to 3 business days after transactions, and qualifying customers can receive Next Day Funding, so their money is added into their accounts the very next business day. Best of all, offers businesses the most affordable rates in the industry. Customers pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction, and as low as 0.25% for card processing. With the speedy delivery on deposits, better services, and fair prices extended by, companies have everything they need to get business done right on time.

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