Merchants in Fort Worth Lasso Great Deals with

The history of the Old West is a big part of American culture, and no city is more attuned to this than Fort Worth, Texas. It is home to many museums expounding on the contributions made by American cowboys and cowgirls, as well as the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the Sid Richardson Museum. There are twice-daily cattle drives through town to the stockyards, too. Fort Worth also has many attractions that reflect the current times. The city boasts a modern zoo, an excellent entertainment district known as Sundance Square, and the impressive Texas Motor Speedway. Visitors looking to cool off in the city can head to the waterslides at NRH2O, or tour the beautiful Fort Worth Water Gardens. There is even a haunted house – the aptly named Cutting Edge – that operates year-round.

With all of these fabulous allurements, it is no wonder that The City of Cowboys and Culture sees almost 7 million visitors each year. Merchants in Fort Worth can make a lot of money off of this tourist trade – if they can accept credit cards, that is. Sadly, many cannot – or will not – because it is either too difficult or too expensive to offer customers card services. That can put them on the outs with tourists, who usually do not carry cash or checks. Most tourists will not even patronize a business that does not accept credit card payments.

Businesses that can accept credit cards may only fare slightly better than those who do not. Many credit card processing companies do not easily grant businesses the merchant accounts they need to run their credit card payments. When the processors do give businesses access to merchant accounts, the accounts are usually not private. The businesses will have to share the processors’ own accounts, and, of course, be subject to exorbitant third-party rates and interminable financial holds for doing so. So, by the time the businesses finally do get their funds, the money has been whittled down to almost nothing. is one processor that realizes all merchants need a fair deal. That is why the application process for a merchant account with them is absolutely free and fast – approval can be granted in a short time. Once cleared for an account, a business can begin using it to process payments in 24-48 hours, and each merchant account with is a private one. That means no client will be have to pay excessive fees or wait for weeks to access their own money. Best of all, offers credit card payment processing at the most affordable rates in the industry. Clients pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction cleared, and as low as 0.25% for credit card processing. also provides free card reader technology, and sets everything up for their clients. Expert technical support is available 24/7/365 at no cost to clients, and all payments are processed in real-time with immediate payment method verification and transaction approval. With access to terrific merchant services like these, Fort Worth businesses can really rope in some big bucks.

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