Merchants Have More Checkout Options with

The world of business can be cut-throat, and it takes a lot for a business to survive and grow. Great promotion is one tool that business owners can employ to keep their companies chugging along. Another good implement is providing convenient services to customers – prompt treatment, easy ordering, wide selections, and quick, secure purchasing options are always popular with shoppers. Many expect this kind of handling, whether they are buying in-store or online. They want to pick out some items and pay for them at the same time to avoid hassle. In order to accommodate customers and provide them with the utmost convenience, a lot of businesses set up a website with a place to checkout – such as a physical store would have. It is here that customers can take their selections from their “cart” and pay for them, then make the arrangements to have them shipped to a specific location.

In order to create that checkout site for its online customers, a business has to take certain steps. It must first obtain a merchant account that can be used for credit card payment processing, and build its own website, landing page, or sales page on the Internet. Using one of these, customers can learn about the business and whatever services or products it may offer. The business must also have a shopping cart connected to its web/landing/sales page. The shopping cart is actually software that does a number of things for customers: it displays information about the company’s goods and services, allows customers to tailor their orders, place said orders, and then securely accepts their credit card payments online. The final step for the business is to link its shopping cart to its merchant account via a Merchant Identification number, or MID. The payment processor managing the merchant account will give the business a MID after it passes the account application process.

There are some credit card processors that would just leave the business here, and adopt a “hands off” approach. This means that they would become an entity far away that offers no guidance or support – just exorbitant processing fees, hidden charges, and third-party holds that go on forever. is not one of those. Instead, has a whole team of support staff standing by to help qualifying businesses start using their free shopping carts. There is no guesswork to syncing everything up – technicians can easily integrate a company’s merchant account with its checkout page, so the enterprise can start using it to process payments in as little as 24 hours. If a business does not want to have its payment site on its webpage, or does not have a sales page – that is absolutely fine, too. can host the site for the business, so customers can still make quick, secure purchases online. Companies do not even need a webpage for to provide them with excellent payment gateway services. Many – such as phone/mail-order businesses and a lot of retail stores – do not have shopping sites, but they still can use online merchant accounts and state-of-the-art, Virtual Terminals to process all forms of payment. also offers free hardware – like credit card swipe machines and mobile credit card readers – for clients who have physical and travelling storefronts. When it comes to checking out, has what everyone, (merchants and customers), is looking for – options and convenience.

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