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Each day, people patronize businesses that accept credit cards. They walk right up to payment stations, hand the items they want to the clerk or select the services they want, and use some sort of credit card swipe machine to administer payment for those goods/amenities. Most people do not even consider these little devices that scan and collect their card information. They do not give a second thought to where they came from, or what they really do. The merchants that use them do think about those little credit card readers, however, because of their importance. Credit cards are the fastest and most accurate way for businesses to get their funds amassed and gather bookkeeping data. The quicker a business owner gets paid, the quicker he/she can put that money back into their company, so the model of credit card terminal is significant. Currently, several manufacturers – including Hypercom, Verifone, Nurit, and Ingenico – lead the market in producing high-quality card swipe machines.
Times are changing, however, and not everyone conducts business out of an office or storefront. Merchants need to have mobile credit card processing units on hand to collect payments out in the field. Many customers also shop online and use their credit cards to make remittances, so businesses need solutions for handling Web-based payment processing, too. Many credit card processing companies offer businesses mobile card readers, but take advantage of clients seeking the ability to accept credit card payments online. The processors charge these ventures exorbitant rates and transaction fees for such card services, and some of their technology is lacking. is a credit card processor that is leading the nation in virtual payment processing technology. Its signature credit card processing device is a Web-based one – the Virtual Terminal. With it, a merchant can simply sit back and watch as customers place orders via the Internet, and – with the optional automatic payment processing service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – pay for their purchases in a matter of seconds. All payments are processed using methods that are protected and encoded to prevent fraud, and it is not just for online credit card payments. The Virtual Terminal has all the same features as an electronic keypad unit, and can also be used to process remittances made over the telephone/fax machine, via e-mail, mail-ordered, or completed in-store. In addition to processing payments in real-time, the terminal stores detailed records of each transaction for bookkeeping purposes, and lets business owners create and send invoices to customers. Merchants can set up recurrent billing for regular customers using this processing device, as well.
With the Virtual Terminal, clients are getting cutting-edge payment processing, but they are also getting the other great benefits of going with as their payment processor:
• Better security
• FDIC Insured merchant accounts
• Free technological set-up complete with MID and shopping cart
• Free expert technical support available 24/7/365
• Credit card processing rates as low as 0.25%
• Transaction fees as little as $0.15
Merchants hoping to collect their funds soon will not be disappointed, either. The average waiting period for payments to be fully processed is 2-3 days – not weeks. This means merchants can get their money, and get back to business with lightning speed thanks to

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