Manage Your Online Payments More Easily With

If you have a website, software will allow you to accept credit card payments. Their Internet processing software is among the best on the web. The software is versatile, so you will have several ways to accept credit card payments. Merchant Services has the tools to help you to manage online payments more easily.

Easily manage your automated online payments

With software your website can accept credit card purchases 24/7. Many customers do their best shopping late at night while the house is quiet. They go to your website to purchase items they need or want. There is a better chance of finding the desired size, color or brand when shopping your online store. It saves time.

Your customer puts their items in the shopping basket on your website. If your online shop is cleverly designed, he or she might find one or two other items too good to pass up so they put those items in the basket. Shopping is finished and the customer goes to check-out and pays by credit card.

Immediately the shopper’s card is charged and funds will soon be transferred to your merchant account. While all this took place you and your employees were asleep.

Manual processing for online payments?

Some shoppers still prefer manual credit card processing when they buy online. A customer may find what they want on your website but if they choose to pay offline by phone, fax, email or mail order, you will have a virtual terminal for these transactions if you have signed up with

You want to have this capability because there are those who prefer to do business that way. Your shop has the toffee grandma likes and she saw it on your website. She prefers to purchase directly by phone with a real person. She gives her payment card information over the phone.

Manage Point of Sale Payments for Online Purchases

The practice of purchasing items from online websites and picking them up in the store has found favor with many customers. In this case, our late night shopper puts his or her items in the website shopping cart and goes to check out.  Instead of paying online and having items shipped, the customer collects the order and pays for it in the store. The credit card will be swiped or inserted at the point of sale terminal.

Why doesn’t the customer go to the store and buy the items? They may not be in stock but as soon as they are, the customer will be notified and the trip to the store won’t be wasted. There’s also a good chance the customer will add one or two more items while in the store.

Good customer service accommodates customers preferred method of payment. It’s easy and inexpensive to set up a merchant services account with the #1 rated merchant account provider for 6 years in a row. Sign up now and call 1-888-924-2743 or visit

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