Malaysian Businesses Start to Accept Credit Cards Through Payment Solutions, Inc. Payment Solutions, Inc. now extends their services all over the world including Malaysia. In fact there hasn’t been a better time to reach the county with new merchant accounts. So far, the current rate of credit card usage in Malaysia is now 8.21 million among the 28.6 million people who live there. So the need to accept credit cards on behalf of businesses operating there is also starting to increase. About 1 in 4 Malaysians have a credit card, which means that credit card use in Malaysia is on the rise. On average, those who do choose to use credit cards don’t have one, but four. The current balance on these cards is increasing, giving businesses the opportunity to take advantage of merchant services. offers the most accessible processing services available in the world. For years they have delivered 24/7 customer service lines, with a quick application process. While most companies can take weeks or even months to process your application, our company will approve you instantly. It’s easy when you use Payment solutions to do credit card processing online.

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