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As an affiliate of, your e-commerce customers can access the most well-respected merchant service available.

Affiliates of Help Their Clients and Themselves

Managing your business as a web designer, marketing company or web hosting service means drawing customers to your e-commerce clients. You can put another tool in their service package and make money for yourself by becoming a affiliate. Your clients need the services of Merchant Services so their customers can make secure purchases using their credit or debit cards.

Your company does good work for your clients. You make sure their website is on the first page of a Google search with frequent updates. The site, designed so readers grasp information with a quick first glance is eye-catching so readers will linger, read more and convert to customers. Now you can assist them further by directing them to our website.

Offer Comprehensive Customer Service as an Affiliate of

All that is needed is our banner on your website. A click on the banner will link your clients to our website. Your confidence in directing your clients to us is not misplaced., established for eighteen years, guarantees the lowest rates in the industry. New customers enjoy free application, setup and instructions for their choice of system or systems.

At Merchant Services, your clients will find the best options for credit card processing that is simple, safe and reliable. We offer Point of Sale (POS) terminals for brick and mortar stores along with virtual terminals and shopping carts on their own website to process keyed in credit and debit cards any time of the day or night. Mobile card processing is available using a smart phone or tablet for your clients who conduct their business on the go. Transactions are securely processed through our secure 128 bit SSL encrypted payment portal.

Benefits for Affiliates

Consistent monthly income for your company is an important benefit of being a affiliate. There is no monetary or time investment required from you. has found that advertising with a banner on websites such as yours is a cost effective and productive method of reaching new clients. We pay fees to your company that are well- deserved.  The referral process works in the background.

Your client accesses our merchant services at through a link from your website. If they become our customer, we pay a fee to you for doing nothing more than making an essential service available to your client. The more referrals converted to customers we receive from your website each month the greater the pay-out. Even one will earn you $100. After five the rate moves up to $150.00 for each and after fourteen referred customers the rate increases to $200 for each sale. Fifteen sales per month equals $3000.00 deposited into your account in one month just for providing a link to

Contact us at and earn commissions as a affiliate.


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