For anyone looking to make some extra money, becoming an affiliate of is to partner with one of the Internet’s largest and most respected merchant account providers. With one of the best payouts in the industry on offer, affiliates have earned as much as $12,000 commission per month. The affiliate program works on successful referral, so if a lead is converted to an actual customer, the affiliate receives a one-time upfront commission payment. It’s that easy!

How the Affiliate Program works

It is simple to become a affiliate. There is no fee and no obligation. You just sign up online to be an affiliate and then you can immediately start earning a passive income by doing nothing more than placing a link or banner on your website, and letting our trained sales team do the work of converting those clicks to customers for you. With the use of two tracking software technologies, both cookies and a query string with session ID’s, a visitor referred from an affiliate site can always be identified. A visitor that has been referred from an affiliate site is tagged and their details retained for twelve months. If the visitor signs up and gets a US merchant account from within the twelve month period, the affiliate earns cash. The number of referrals converted to sales per month will determine the cash earned by an affiliate.

To further incentivize you, the affiliate program payout becomes more profitable based on the number of referrals, and is calculated as follows:

  • 1 to 5 referrals per month $100 per referred account
  • 6 to 14 referrals per month $150 per referred account
  • 15 + referrals per month $200 per referred account

Who qualifies to become a affiliate?

Anyone who has a website can become an affiliate. It is an especially ideal opportunity for websites that attract business owners and decision makers, such as ISO’s, agents, webhosting companies, web designers, wholesalers, and marketing companies. But any site that attracts visitors across the board can benefit. There is no selling or promotion involved. Once the link or banner is live, that banner (combined with our sales team) takes care of everything for the affiliate, so even websites that have no relevance to the merchant card services or banking industry can attract visitors who might be interested in becoming a merchant for credit card payment processing.

Affiliates offer their online visitors an opportunity to linkup with one of the largest and most respected merchant account providers, while benefiting from one of the most profitable referral programs.

Affiliates need to have no concern about referring because they have been well established in the merchant account market for eighteen years and were rated at the industry number one spot for six years in a row. Earning extra money could not be easier! Sign up to become an affiliate today!


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