Life Is a Beach for San Diego Merchants Using

California is most noted for its promotion of beach culture, and perhaps no city in the Golden State exhibits more of that ethos than San Diego. It sprawls across almost 400 acres and cozies up to some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Over 34 million tourists come to the City in Motion each year to frolic on the sands of iconic Mission Beach and play in the amusement park on the nearby boardwalk. In addition, San Diego has multiple wildlife attractions for visitors to enjoy. People can view the animal shows at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and SeaWorld San Diego. They can also take in a number of California’s most dazzling natural parks like La Jolla Cove and the spectacular Sunset Cliffs, or jump across the border to spend a day in Mexico.

All these fabulous enticements bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy with much of that money going into the accounts of the city’s merchants. Some, however, are missing out on that wealth because they cannot accept credit card payments for a variety of reasons. They may have bad credit, be a new business, or conduct trade internationally, which could earn them a high risk rating from most credit card processing companies. Once a vendor receives such a label, it becomes much harder for them to obtain an online merchant account that would allow them to process cards. If credit card processors do give a risky venture an account, it can come with some strict stipulations. For example, the processors may not actually open a private account for the business in question. Instead, they may force the business onto their own merchant account as a third party, and then charge it excessive fees for using that account to process payments.

At, they understand that high risk credit card processing is just part of commerce sometimes, and want to help businesses get the credit card processing services needed to stay competitive. The application for a high (or low) risk merchant account is free, and approval can come quickly – within a matter of days. Once approved, a business can begin processing payments through their own private merchant account within 24-48 hours, and will provide the technology, software, and set up for free, too. If a problem arises, their expert technical support staff is available to help 24/7/365. Other advantages to using include:

  • No third party fees or fund holds
  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Better security
  • Immediate transaction approval
  • Instant check verification
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Domestic and international accounts available

Being unable to accept credit cards can really put a damper on a business’s good times. Having to pay exorbitant fees for credit card payment processing can also be a bit of a bummer – like going to a beach party on a rainy day. aims to change all that by offering the best

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