Let your Landscaping Business Grow with Credit Card Processing

Landscaping business-owners face the perennial problem of having to chase customers for payments. They often end the financial year with a lot of money on the street, pending bills and delayed payments. No matter how big or small the client, if they don’t mail you that check, or if you don’t have the time to print invoices and mail it to them, your cash flow can dry up pretty fast. What you often need is swift, smooth payment, while your customers look for safe, secure, reliable and easy payment methods.

Overview of the Industry

Independent contractors or companies that take care of grounds, maintain gardens or lawns, in residences and large residential complexes, commercial establishments, historical, tourist, public and government spaces etc. undertake to design and create access paths, driveways, walls, water-bodies, fences, decks and more. The industry is dominated by small businesses, and consists of nearly 72% small business-owners who provide local services.

The entry level costs are relatively low for this business, since the most important aspect is the skill and talent of the design team. However, it is a thriving industry, and is pegged to grow at 10% annually. Statistics for 2016 showed that revenues had crossed $77 billion in annual revenues and American households spent nearly $15 billion annually on landscaping services.

Being a lucrative business with good prospects, this is typically considered a low-risk business by credit card processing companies, which makes accepting credit cards more affordable.

Come Out Smelling Like Roses

A growing number of customers across all sectors of industry including the garden and landscaping business prefer to pay by credit card or debit card. Cash payments are now typically made only for very small bills, while check payments are becoming less preferred.

Giving your clients a range of payment options is an important part of customer service.

  • Credit Card payments enhance customer experience: You’re more likely to get returning and loyal customers, referrals and recommendations from family, friends and neighbors when you provide card payment options.
  • Simple systems: You don’t need more than a simple POS terminal in your office, or a smartphone or tablet for card swiping on site.
  • Immediate funds transfer: Card payments provide immediate funds transfer into your account. You can authorize your trusted staff to collect mobile payments on the spot once the job is completed to the client’s satisfaction. You can provide immediate “paid” receipts and mail your detailed bill later. This mode of payment ensures that you get the funds into your bank faster than waiting for check clearance.
  • Higher spend: It’s well-known that card payments induce customers to spend more, especially on small, value-add services. Credit card users are less price sensitive and more inclined to make larger payments when it comes to paying by card, statistically speaking.
  • Different types of payment: You may want to offer loyalty points, discounts, have sales on selected services and products. On larger works, you may want to take an advance or party payment. Card payment options can be optimized for this.
  • Higher efficiency: Business-owners can focus on growth and innovation instead of wasting time in banks, cash/check reconciliation, and documentation with the help of the right credit card processing company.

For more information on how credit card processing can help your landscaping business grow, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to Charge.com.

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