Indianapolis Merchants Will Not Get the Run-Around from

Although America’s Midwest comes across as being a sleepy little section of the country, that is actually far from the truth. Here in Indianapolis, the roar of racing engines and the squeal of tires reveal a region that is very much alive and kicking. Over 853,000 people call this city home and millions visit each year to take in the races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500. There are other sites that can get tourists’ blood pumping, too. Indianapolis is home to the world’s largest Children’s Museum, and the Indianapolis Zoo contains an animal park, an aquarium, and a lush botanical garden. Visitors can explore the eerie Indianapolis Catacombs beneath the downtown area, and get interactive with historical figures at Conner Prairie. There is never a shortage of things going on at the Crossroads of America – except, perhaps, good credit card payment processing.

Many of the merchants in Circle City are actually losing money on their credit card services, because they are being given the run-around by their credit card processing companies. The processors tell some merchants their businesses are “high risk”, so they have to pay outrageous fees to get their credit card transactions processed. Other businesses may get merchant accounts with a processor only to find that they are not private. The processor may just force all its clients to run their payment information through one merchant account it controls as a third party. Once payments have been collected, the processor can sit on them for weeks before dispersing them to the appropriate businesses. None of this is beneficial to the businesses – only to the credit card processors. is one processor, however, that believes fairness is a must for healthy business competition. It provides merchant accounts for both high and low risk ventures, and has applying for one is free and easy. Once a business is approved, it can begin using its new, private account within 24-48 hours. All payments are processed in real-time, with no random holds to slow things down. also offers their clients some of the most affordable rates in the payment processing game. Customers can pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction handled, and as low as 0.25% for credit card processing. Other key advantages to processing payments with can include the following:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • PIN and EIN secured accounts
  • Free technology, software, and installation
  • The latest card readers – including ones for mobile devices and Web-based Virtual Terminals
  • Free technical support 24/7/365
  • Instant approval on transactions
  • Immediate check payment verification
  • Online transaction management and monitoring
  • More market exposure for new and smaller businesses
  • Ability to accept all major credit cards

It is important for businesses to have good merchant credit card processing. Otherwise, they are just spinning their wheels while their competition is speeding away. is here to remove the obstacles that block the access to high risk credit card processing, and get funds moving again.

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