Indiana Merchants Stay in the Race with Help from

Despite what people may think, time does not stand still in Indiana. In fact, there is so much to see and do in the Hoosier State that time seems to speed up as fascinated guests move from one experience to the next, and many find that there is simply not enough time to take it all in. Indiana’s main attraction is no doubt its capital city of Indianapolis, which is home to the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Each year, hundreds of thousands of racing fans pour into its stands to watch the Indianapolis 500, and tour its impressive museum. Visitors to Indiana’s first city also enjoy watching the animals at the Indianapolis Zoo, and taking in the exhibitions at White River State Park. The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is located in Indianapolis, as well. Folks can view hundreds of art pieces and exhibits celebrating the history and indigenous cultures of America’s legendary Old West. The rest of the state is not slouching about, either. Guests can tour the Marengo Cave – one of four vast systems open to the public, or explore the trails and fossil beds in the Falls of the Ohio State Park. Those traveling with small children may like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, or the amusement park at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in the town of Santa Claus – found just west of the Hoosier National Forest.

No matter where they wind up in Indiana, visitors are more than likely using credit cards to cover their travel costs. Most people prefer to pay with plastic when they are on the road, because it is easier for them to avoid overspending and deters theft. Almost all merchants accept credit cards to accommodate their tourist customers, but doing so can have a serious impact on their businesses. This is because many merchants have bad credit card processing that takes a long time to complete, entails third-party holds placed by payment processing companies, and comes with a bunch of hidden or excessive fees that eat up accumulating profits. By the time the merchants receive their cash, it is late and skimpy – not enough to pay bill and late fees from vendors. This leads to a lot of businesses stalling out because they cannot keep up with their cost.

Fortunately for these merchants, has the payment processing solutions to get their companies ahead. This credit card processor can get funds deposited quicker than most others. Clients usually receive their money within two to three business days – not weeks. Customers that qualify for Next Day Funding will get their cash even faster – in just one business day. Best of all, does not levy any obscure charges on their clients’ merchant accounts. All costs are determined when accounts are opened, and no changes are made without prior notification to the customer. also gives each client their own private online merchant account, so there are no third-party financial holds to gum up the works. It is results like these that keep its customers’ businesses going strong in the fast lane.

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