How Soon Are My Funds Deposited into My Account?

In farm country, the joke is often told about the farmer who is wealthy because he has a lot of land but poor because he has no money. That can be said about many businesses that struggle to generate enough cash flow month to month to stay afloat.

I Want Today’s Funds Deposited into My Account Today—Not Ten Days from Now

Business owners, asked about their reluctance to incorporate credit card payment options for their customers frequently give cash flow as one of their reasons. When you only deal in checks and cash, the money you take in today will be in your account today. It’s a strong argument for so many businesses working on a tight profit margin. After all, some merchant account services take weeks to deposit the money in your business account.

You will know almost immediately if the credit card transaction is approved. It only takes seconds to electronically send the request to the customer’s credit card company and get the approval. The funds are then transferred into your merchant account. Depending on your merchant account provider, the funds are deposited into your business account within a week.

Offset the Lag Time for the Deposit of Funds with Increased Sales Merchant Account Services deposits your money into your United States business account within 24-48 hours unless yours is a high-risk account. In such cases it may take longer but not over 72 hours.

Eliminating that lag time by accepting only cash and checks is a tight-fisted approach that blocks the flow of new sales. Shoppers today use credit cards to pay for purchases. If that method ever changes it won’t be back to cash. Unless you make that option available to your customers you have not met 80% of the customers who would be yours if you processed credit cards as payment.

Apply for a merchant account service with and accept credit cards within hours. Even if you must wait two to three days to see the money from sales in your account, it will be a larger amount because sales are likely to increase dramatically once you accept credit cards.

What About the Fees Merchant Account Services Withdraw from Funds Deposited into My Account?

It is true that Merchant Accounts come with fees but each small fee represents a new sales transaction. That’s a transaction you may not have without accepting credit cards. If you are still concerned about fees, then call us at Merchant Accounts and let us explain the fees we don’t charge that other merchant account providers do.

  • We do not charge an application fee but others charge up to $250.
  • com will not charge for setup of any of our systems; others will charge up to $150.00 with an additional $300 if you want to accept checks by internet, phone or fax.
  • Need a web shopping cart? With it’s free; others charge $300.
  • It could cost you up to $100 for programming but charges $0.
  • Do you want to accept Discover and American Express as well as Visa and Mastercard? That can cost you another $100 or more unless you choose

When you apply for a Merchant Account with your approval is immediate. There is no one or two weeks wait. Get started today and watch your cash flow improve as you draw more business your way.

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