How can I Accept Credit Cards for My Cleaning Business

Some business ideas are very simple, but also very lucrative. For example outsourced chores. It seems like an obvious thing, because we can all do basic cleaning. But a lot of us hate doing it, so if we can pay someone to do it for us, we will. The main barrier is the idea of having a stranger messing with your things, but it’s a fear that can be overcome.

Cleaning businesses have different approaches, and it really depends on what the homeowner is comfortable with. Some customers will leave you their keys so you can clean up while they’re away. Others prefer to be present, at least for the first few visits. Once they’re comfortable with you, they may be happy to stop supervising your cleaning duties.

Easy ways to pay

That said, most customers want to at least see how well you’ve work before they pay. It could be as simple as standing at the top of the stairs and surveying their tidy domain. Or it could be a more careful inspection, running fingers behind appliances and picture frames to check for dust. Again, the response varies from customer to customer, and their preference does count.

Another factor is whether your customers want the same cleaner(s) every time or whether they’re okay with whoever is on duty. If they like a particular cleaner and have established trust, they may want to pay directly, so they can tip. Cleaning businesses may be uncomfortable with this camaraderie, because they worry the client will hire said cleaner directly.

One thing that will go a long way toward establishing trust is to accept credit cards. That way the client knows that the cleaner can’t just “disappear into the night.” There will be a record of the transaction, which guarantees that there will be a way to contact the cleaner in the future.

Quick and portable

Two popular options for accepting credit cards are electronic card readers and smartphone apps. With a portable electronic keypad, the customer can swipe their card once the job is done. The downside is that cleaners are already carrying all those buckets, brushes, and cleaning supplies. Having one more thing to carry can get in their way.

Smartphone apps can solve this issue, because cleaners will already be carrying their phones anyway. When the customer signs up, you can also have them pay a booking fee on your website or app.

If you choose the right payment processor, a payment gateway for accepting credit cards online and your choice of a mobile terminal or smartphone app will be included at no extra charge.

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