Home Healthcare Receives a Boost from Charge.com

In the old days, if someone was recuperating from – or burdened by – a serious ailment, he/she would spend a lot of time in a hospital, hospice, or rehabilitation clinic. People believed that this was for the best, because the unwell individual would be close to doctors, nurses, operating rooms, and physical therapy equipment. As time went on, however, folks discovered that the ailing actually did better in their own homes, as they were more comfortable and able to spend longer periods of time with their loved ones. A new industry was created to provide medical support to homebound individuals, and it has been steadily growing ever since. Home healthcare is huge, and shows no sign of slowing down in the future. Nowadays people can receive all kinds of therapeutic services right in their own living rooms – everything from medication distribution to physical therapy – and companies that provide such assistance are in high demand.

It can be costly to operate a company specializing in home healthcare, however. There are many recurring fees that must be paid for insurance or licensing, and virtually all of the employees must receive certification that allows them to render medical aid to the public. The company also has to keep specific drugs, medical materials, and rehabilitation equipment on hand, and these are usually procured from other companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies. In order to cover all of these monthly expenses, a home healthcare enterprise has to keep tight control of its funds – which can be quite difficult to do. The fastest way to collect and process remittances is by accepting credit cards, but most credit card payment processing companies charge the proverbial arm-and-a-leg for merchant card services. In addition to the excessively high and frequent fees they charge, payment processors will clamp lengthy third-party holds on their clients’ accounts – often with little-to-no provocation. This really is not a healthy situation for businesses to be in. Receiving less money over a longer period of time makes them suffer serious bouts of deep debt and will eventually lead to their being on life support.

Luckily, Charge.com does not believe this course of treatment is best for home healthcare companies – or any other kinds of business, for that matter. That is why is payment processor provides its clients with the lowest possible rates for credit card transactions, hold-free individual merchant accounts, and the quickest processing available. Most Charge.com clients see their funds deposited within a few days – not a few weeks. Customers who qualify for Next Day Funding receive their money in just one business day. There are other ways Charge.com cares for its customers, as well. Technology is important to anyone working in a hospital, and it is vital for home healthcare workers, too. Charge.com can give its clients in the home health industry free mobile credit card swipe machines complete with set-up and 24/7/365 expert technical support, so they will always have assistance for emergencies. Clients can also avail themselves to the processor’s Virtual Terminal technology, which allows them to take online submissions, process remittances, set up recurring billing for specific customers, send invoices, and keep detailed record for their taxes. At last – home healthcare business owners can manage their own funds, and build up their companies’ health with aid from Charge.com.

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